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MBI virtual hosting offer you the ability to host your Web site on a powerful, professionally managed server, at a low monthly cost. MBI shared servers provide individual Web sites with redundant connectivity, 99 percent uptime and 24/7 monitoring for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server.

MBI's shared server network is a simple and cost-effective solution to host your site. We manage the webserver, the redundant connections, we secure the site, and make sure you stay running 24/7/365. The only thing you have to do is manage your content.

Dont be fooled! Other hosting sites cram hundreds of websites onto each webserver. Our webservers are not saturated with virtual hosts and we monitor each webserver to make sure it delivers top notch performance.
Choice of Windows or Linux Server
100 megs of storage space
Front Page Extensions
ASP, CGI, and PHP support*
ColdFusion Server support*
24/7 FTP access
POP/SMTP/WEB based email accounts
Web based email access & administration
99.99% uptime guarantee

These features are not included but for a small fee can be added to any virtual host.
Database ODBC Access (MS Access)
SQL or MySQL database (50meg)
Custom CGI, ASP, or CFML tags *
Website traffic analysis (Deepmetrix)

Basic Package 5 email accts | 50mb space | single DNS entry | 3gb month transfer
Business Package 10 email accts | 100mb space | Multiple DNS | 5gb month transfer
X-treme Package Unlimited email accts | 500mb space | Unlimited DNS | 9gb transfer | website stats server incl.| database ODBC incl. | SQL or MySQL Incl.

I have seen hosting for less. Why pay you more?
Our virtual hosting servers are top notch. Lower priced stores cram thousands of sites onto one webserver and extremely choke performance... We don't! All of our webservers are tuned and monitored to deliver maximun website performance.

I have a large website. Can your web servers handle my site traffic?
Yes we can. We monitor each and every server to ensure it's performance. However, there are some cases when the amount of traffic your site generates warrants you to move to more effective co-location hosting. We can let you know when... and if that happens.

How do you price your virtual hosting?
We have 3 pricing structures. We base your virutal hosting price upon the amount of site traffic and/or bandwidth that you require. Only larger 'high-volume' business sites would use our Business or X-treme plans. A sales person can help you determine the plan that fits your need.

Do your different plans have differnt features?
No. The only difference in our hosting plans are the amount of traffic and bandwidth your site needs.

Can I host anything I want on the site?
Yes and No. We don't limit what you want to put on your website but we do have some guidelines. We do not allow adult content, unsolicited bulk 'spam' email, or illegal content on our webservers. Anything else is fair game.

Are all CFML, CGI and ASP tags fully functional?
No. For security reasons we have disabled some features of these languages/tags because of the shared hosting environment. These features we have disabled should not affect 99% of the website programs used.

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