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MBI computes the 95th percentile based on the inbound and outbound data transfer (bandwidth) measured at your connection point at 5 minute intervals over a one month period. The 95th percentile value is computed separately on your accumulated inbound and outbound data transfer sample sets, respectively. The higher of the two computed values becomes the 95th percentile value used on your monthly bill.

Simplified... it works like this. We sample your line every 5 minutes and plot a graph for each month. At the end of the month (billing cycle) we take the top 5% of your bandwidth usage plots and throw it out (ignore it). The top 95% is what is left. We look at the 95% bandwidth usage and that is how we bill you.

For example. You have a co-location server and contract for 1 meg of service. Normally, you use .3 to .4 megs a day of bandwidth. On Fridays, you download a large file that uses 20 megs of bandwidth for 15 minutes. Using the 95th percentile calc, the 15 minutes you use every Friday would be thrown out because it's in the top 5%.

We use a program called MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) to plot your bandwith usage. It's open-source and an industry standard for plotting bandwith graphs. An example graph plot is shown below.

Example MRTG 95th Percentile graph

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